Making plans to Travel? Going on Vacation?:

Our Synod gives us connection to a vast network of congregations. When we travel we have the blessing to visit our sister congregations. If you are traveling or going on vacation and will be gone over a Sunday or a Weekend you are invited to attend one of our sister congregations. You can find a directory of these congregations on our Synod’s webpage here (please click link):*12jzsqo*_ga*NzI1OTQzOTY3LjE2ODUwMTA2MTM.*_ga_Z0184DBP2L*MTY4NTk2NTAyNi4yLjAuMTY4NTk2NTAyNi4wLjAuMA..

When visiting one of our sister Congregations it is good etiquette to contact the Pastor or Congregation ahead of visiting when at all possible. This helps them prepare for communion and talk with you with out a rush or time crunch on a Sunday or service day. On the synod locator link above when you find a congregation you plan to visit it will give contact info for both the congregation and her pastor. You can also request for Pastor Wacker to reach out on your behalf as well. 

God bless your travels this summer season.

For any questions or help please contact Pastor Wacker.